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Welcome and thank you for checking out Squizards!!

Enjoy a short gameplay video that shows the basic movement and fighting of the squizard!

This game takes the basic idea of king of the hill and combines it with a ton of bizarre and wild wizard effects!  This is a 2-4 person team based party game where you have to get the ball and take it to the special zone to score points for your team.  Be careful though because the enemy team can and will try to kill you to steal the ball!

The special zone is indicated by the gray transparent zone in the map.  The zone randomly moves around the map. In addition if the ball happens to fall off the map it will respawn in the center.  If your character dies they will respawn after a short period of time.  

At This time there are two powerups in the game these come in the form of wizard hats.  If you notice a wizard hat spawn in the map be sure to be the first one to pick it up to release havoc on your enemies.  These wizard hats are what give our game its funky name so the powerups are sure to be crazy!  We plan on adding more wizard hats to the game to have at least a total of four wizards hats each with their own unique ability.

Eventually There will be a character selection screen added to the game followed with a map selection screen.  The game will start as follows you will select play be able to pick your character and see who's team you are on.  After that screen there will be a map selection screen where the player will have selection from a few different maps, Each map has a unique layout, scoring zone, and map effect.  After the map selection the player will be sent into game with a short countdown phase.


This game needs to be played with controllers.  Any kind will work, however ps4 controllers will work the best.

Punch: The rightmost button on the controller (Circle for ps4, B for xbox)

Jump: The bottom button ( X for ps4, A for xbox)

  • You can jump two times before touching the ground

Move: The joystick


To get to the ball and take it to the score zone.  Once you fill up your  scorebar you win!

There will be other player in your way, you can choose to kill them or just run away.  Squizards has no set strategies, sometimes being creative is the best option!

Features to be added In the Future:

  • This project is still in development and we plan to work on over the next year to turn it into something great! 
  • We plan to add additional powerups to have at least four, but there might be room for additional powerups.
  • With the lack of playtesting due to COVID - 19. We can assume there are some bugs that we can not find.  As soon as we can we would like to get people to playtest our game!
  • We also Plan to add some vanity item that you pick your squid to wear to help tell everyone's character apart, howeber this is the lowest priority since is still in develupment.


2D FightingGame.exe 635 kB
2D FightingGame_Data - Copy.zip 11 MB

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